Tarol 12"x10cm
Tarol 12"x10cm
Tarol 12"x10cm

Tarol 12"x10cm

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Art nr: 942

Tarol 12" x 10 cm - aluminum

This tarol one has an exceptional sound, especially when tuned up high. Due to a shorter body is has less sustain than caixas with higher bodies. The yellow galvanized hardware is typical IVSOM, a very stylish drum!

Diameter: 12"
Head: nylon
Shell: aluminium
Finish: polished
Hardware: galvanized
Height of shell: 10 cm
Length of rods: 13 cm
Tension rods: 6
Snare: caixa strings
Style: rio style
Weight: 2,5 kg

As usual with all IVSOM instruments, the tension rods are screwed down flush with the fittings in the ring. All important details such as a smoothed out rims for ideal skin fitting, string placement, tension hoops, threads etc. are neatly manufactured in the usual good quality IVSOM manner.