Surdo Axé 18" - Pro
Surdo Axé 18" - Pro
Surdo Axé 18" - Pro

Surdo Axé 18" - Pro

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Art nr: 1104

Surdo Axé 18" x 43 cm, aluminum - Pro

This range of professional, aluminum surdos created by Contemporânea has the distinctive feature of having shorter shells than other conventional surdos.
These Axé surdos are particularly efficient in producing more mufled, overtone-free sounds, an effect that can be accentuated by using a napa head.
Relatively light and small, they are mostly used to play samba-reggae and its derivatives, allowing the craziest choreographic performances!

Diameter: 18"
Height of shell: 40 cm
Total height: 44 cm
Shell: polished aluminium
Hardware: chrome
Tension rods: 8
Length of rods: 44 cm
Heads: nylon
Weight: 5,5 kg

Delivered with a tuning key.