Rocar Pro - wood

Rocar Pro - wood

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Art nr:  1089


Chocalho / Rocar with wood handle, chrome sheet jingles

Chocalhos with wooden handles are very popular. The material and shape sits well in the hand and are held and played almost by intuition. The jingles are made of chrome sheet and produce a clean, bright and tinkling sound.

Frame: wood
Length: 47 cm
Width: 14 cm
Jingles: sheet metal, chromed (20 pairs)
Weight: 0,65 kg

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Rocars with aluminum frames have more jingles than rocars with wooden handles and are therefore louder. Depending on the amount of jingles, the size of the frame or the length of the handle, their weight can be quite different. Note that due to the metal jingles constantly hitting on the metal frame, the aluminum rocars wear out faster.

The shape, material and thickness of the jingles influences the sound strongly. Jingles made out of metal sheet (e.g. Contemporânea) sound very dry, the ones made from zinc sheet have a more authentic and “dirty” sound. Jingles made from inox sound brighter and are very popular.