Pandeiro 10", extra light
Pandeiro 10", extra light
Pandeiro 10", extra light

Pandeiro 10", extra light

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Art nr: 1041

This model's most important feature is its weight, only 450g. As a natural-head pandeiro, it can be used to play in Choro bands but it will also satisfy Samba or Forro players. This is a high-quality instrument, with a sturdy, reliable finishing. Top of the line from Contemporanea!
Superlight pandeiros have a different type of flat tension hoop. To save weight, the skin is pulled over a piece of wire and then pressed into a ring. The beautiful varnished wooden frame has gold-plated tension hooks and a nicely picked hide head. The flat wooden frame is especially suitable for percussionists with smaller hands simply because it it easier to hold. If you have big hands you will probably find it more comfortable to hold a pandeiro with a wider frame.
A light pandeiro is always a good choice! For beginners to play the pandeiro, the muscles must build up in order to hold the pandeiro in the right playing position. With a heavy pandeiro one will soon lose motivation since holding it is very tiring. Advanced players and professional percussionists have a stable technique and can take full advantage of a light instrument!

Diameter: 10"
Height of frame: 38 mm
Head: Goatskin
Frame: Wood
Hardware: gold plated
Jingles: brass (5 pairs)
Weight: 0,45 kg
Tuning hooks: 6

Delivered with a tuning key