Malacacheta 12" - Pro

Malacacheta 12" - Pro

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Art nr: 970

Caixa Malacacheta 12" x 20 cm 

This shiny polished 12" Malacacheta model is a professional instrument, used in many official carnaval "baterias" in Rio. It has an especially thick-walled and rubust aluminum body. It  sounds full and warm and a bit darker than instruments with thinner shell material. The depth of the shell gives it an amazingly powerful sound. You can easily play this malacacheta in down position. Due to it’s higher body the caixa lies comfortably on your thigh without tilting. The strings are set in 3 double rows. It's perfect tone will meet the needs of the most demanding musicians / "sambistas".

Diameter: 12"
Head: nylon
Shell: polished aluminum
Hardware: chrome
Height: 20 cm
Tension rods: 6
Length of rods: 17 cm
Style: Rio style
Snare: caixa strings
Weight: 2,4 kg

Delivered with a tuning spanner