Caixa 14"x15cm - Pro

Caixa 14"x15cm - Pro

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Art nr: 980

Caixa 14" x 15 cm - snare wires

This shiny and polished 14" Guerra model has an adjustable snare under it's lower head. The large diameter makes it a very loud and efficient instrument. It's commonly played with a 2-hooked hip strap. This drum is perfect for samba-reggae style music and rhytms.

Diameter: 14"
Head: nylon/resonance head
Shell: polished aluminium
Hardware: chrome
Height of shell: 14 cm
Snare: snare wire
Tension rods: 6
Length of rods: 17 cm
Style: samba reggae
Weight: 2,4 kg

Delivered with a tuning spanner