Caixa 10"x10cm - Light

Caixa 10"x10cm - Light

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Art nr: 940

Caixa 10" x 10 cm - snare wires

This compact, small-sized and light-weight caixa is perfect for young sambistas or as an effect instrument in percussion ensembles.

Diameter: 10"
Head: nylon/resonance head

Shell: matt aluminum
Hardware: laquered
Height of shell: 10 cm
Tension rods: 4
Length of rods: 12 cm
Weight: 1,4 kg
Snare: snare wire

The instruments of the Contemporanea Light series are all made of matt aluminum. Because they are optically kept simple and without expensive polishing techniques, they are cheaper than the Pro series instruments, their sound being just as great!