Strap Multi Uso

Strap Multi Uso

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Art nr: 2006

Multi Uso hip strap with 2+1 open hooks
Samba Reggae / Afro Samba and Maracatu allrounder!

This multifunctional hip belt is very popular in Europe. The front hook can accomodate timbal, alfaia, surdo or even a djembe. The side straps as an alternative can be used with caixa, repinique etc.
The open hooks and various adjustments are good for a fast change of instruments on stage. The open hooks are very practical and the most used hook system in Brazil. 

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium or Large.

Macapart straps are heavyweight, professional quality straps that won't let you down.
Note! - Current stock are all black - no white markings